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A build up of charge on an insulator is known as? Static electricity
Insulators become charged by ............... between the cloth and object Friction
Static electricity is found only on these? Insulators
These allow current to flow through them? Conductors
These prevent damage to buildings if hit by lightning? Lightning rods
A lightning rod must be made of ............. as they allow electricity to flow through them Metal
When Voltage is proportional to current at a fixed temperature this is known as? Ohm's law
A straight line graph shows a .................... relationship? Proportional
Unit of current Amp
Unit of resistance Ohm
Unit of voltage Volt
Another word for voltage Potential difference
This electrical quantity provides the force to push the electrons around a circuit? Voltage
This is a measure of how difficult it is for electrons to flow in a circuit? Resistance
A flow of electrons is known as the? Current
The symbol for voltage? V
The symbol for resistance is? R
The symbol for current? I
The formula used to calculate voltage? V = IR
Current flows from this terminal to this terminal in a battery? Positive to negative
The unit of energy consumption used by ESB? kilowatt hour
Formula used to calculate the current used? I = V/R
A device used to reduce the current flowing in a circuit? Resistor
The type of circuit that when one bulb blows they all go out because circuit is broken? Series
The type of circuit that when one one bulb blows the other stays lighting because two paths for current to flow in? Parallel
Current that flows in one direction only? Direct current
Current that is constantly changing direction? Alternating current
The number of volts in the mains? 230
The type of current in the mains? Alternating current
Electrolysis is an example of the ........... effect of an electric current? Chemical
The use of a toaster or kettle uses the .......... effect of an electric current? Heating
The electromagnet in a scrap yard uses the .......... effect of an electric current? Magnetic
For current to flow the circuit must be? Complete
A circuit breaker uses the .............. effect of an electric current? Magnetic
A fuse uses the ............ effect of an electric current? Heating
This is a safety device that breaks the circuit if its rating is exceeded because the wire inside of it melts? A fuse
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