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Questions about Japan

What is the highest mountain in Japan called? Mount Fuji
What time is it in Japan if it’s 2:00p.m. in NC? 3:00 a.m.
Where is the capital of Japan? Tokyo
What is their official language? Japanese
How many major islands are there in Japan? 4
What is the biggest island called? Honshu
What region of Japan does Karate come from? Okinawa
Which side of the road do people drive a car in Japan? Left
Is the traffic light set up vertically or horizontally in Japan? Horizontally
At what color of traffic light do you have to stop? Red
What do they use when they eat Japanese food? Chopsticks
At what age can you get a driver’s license in Japan? 18
What is the fastest train called? Shinkansen
Can you fly directly from NC to Japan? No
How long does it take if you fly to Japan from east coast? 15 hours
What is the current Japanese period name? Heisei
What is Japanese currency called? Yen
How much is 100 yen in US dollar now? 94 cents
How many years do they have to go to school? 9 years
How many years are in senior high school? 3 years
When (what month) does the school year start? April
Do they have King or Emperor? Emperor
Do they have President or Prime minister? Prime minister
What do you need to do when you enter the house in Japan? Take your shoes off
What season is it in Japan now? Fall
What is Japanese cartoon called? Anime
What is J-POP? Japanese Pop Music
What is Japanese comic book called? Manga
Created by: Ms.K