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Science Chapter 1

Living Things and their Environments

Which of the following is a producer? a. Lily Pad b. Minnow c. Mushroom a. Lily Pad
What is an owl pellet? The undigestible parts of an owl's meal that is formed into a pellet and coughed up.
T/F: The sun is at the top of the food chain. False.
T/F: Oxygen is a key ingredient in photosynthesis. False
The definition of Adaptation is "key characteristics of organisms that allow them to survive, thrive, and _________________. Reproduce
What does chromatography really mean? Color Writing.
What type of consumer eats only plants? Herbivore
_____________________is transferred through a food chain. Energy
One example of an interaction is between a biotic factor and a non-living or ______________ factor. Abiotic
What is another way of stating Natural Selection? "Survival of the Fittest"
How is a decomposer different from a consumer? Decomposer obtain energy from decaying organic matter (example: mushroom, worm, or bacteria)
An ecoystem is made up of biotic and _____________ factors. Abiotic
Are owls herbivores or carnivores? Carnivores
T/F: Producers are at the top of the food chain. False
What does the arrow indicate in a food chain/food web? Energy Transfer or "gets eaten by"
Give an example of a population in an ecosystem. Various answers but it should be only one kind of organism (example: owls in the forest)
T/F: Most animals eat only one thing. False
Created by: jastroh06