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Chapter 16,17,21

Assimilation The process of giving up parts of their own culture and adopting parts of the culture of the dominant group is called...
Biomedicine ...focuses on symptoms, with the goal of finding the cause of a disease and then eliminating or relieving the problem. __________ is the dominant health system in the United States.
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) focuses on assisting the body's own healing powers and restoring body balance.
Cultural Bias A mental leaning
Cultural Competence Is the continuous attempt of practical/vocational nurses to gain the knowledge and skills that will allow them to effectively provide care for patients of different cultures.
Cultural Diversity The concept of the melting pot has been replaced by the concept of _______ _________, which refers to the many differences in the elements of culture in groups of people in the American and Canadian society.
Cultural Sensitivity It is developing an awareness of different cultures ________ ___________ and continually learning about people who are different from you.
Culture _______ is a way of life. It is the total of the ever-changing knowledge, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, values, communication, actions, attitudes, traditions, customs, and objects that a group of people possess and the ways they have of doing things.
Customs Are the generally accepted ways of doing things that are common to people who share the same culture.
Discrimination When rights and privileges are withheld from those of another cultural group, ______________ is the result.
Enculturation The process of learning your culture (the way your group does things) is called _____________.
Ethnic Groups Members of ______ ______ are a special type of cultural group, composed of people who are members
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