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NRTC Geri Final

NRTC Geri Comprehensive Final

facility that provides PT, OT, ST, nursing, and medical services Skilled care facility
Facility the provides nursing services, supervision, and a 24 hr on-call RN assisted living facility
Amount of aerobic exercise recommended for geriatric cardiovascular health 30 minutes daily
Legally binding document that appoints one person as the health care decision maker when the patient becomes incompetent in decision making durable power of attorney
Type of advanced directive in which 2 physicians must agree in writing before it goes into affect living will
superficial skin infection caused by a parasitic mite that burrows under the skin Scabies
White discolored plaque in the oral cavity Leukoplakia
a core body temperature of 95F or lower hypothermia
Xerosis dry skin
pruritits itchy skin
senile purpura physiologic skin color change r/t broken capillaries
senile lentigo physiologic skin color change 'liver spots"
Oral superinfections related to broad spectrum antibiotic therapy thrush, black hair tongue
disease that causes loss of peripheral vision glaucoma
disease that causes loss of central vision macular degeneration
orthostatic hypotension describes a drop of ________ mmHg when changing position 20
Cognition language, memory, judgement, intellect
perception interpretation of stimuli
to prevent injury from falls the nurse recommends to do what before getting out of bed dangle
acute on set of reversible confusion delirium
Insidious progressive irreversible confusion dementia
A patient with left sided hemianopsia should be approached on her ___________ side right
to reduce risk of falls the nurse recommends this activity balance training
a cognitively impaired dementia patient has destructive behaviors how does the nurse react reduce stimuli, and provide quiet distraction
mild stress causes a person to be alert
Stressed patient with hyperventilation may experience chest tightness, paresthesia, dizziness, and tingling extremities
decreased cardiovascular status in a dying patient may result in this integument change mottling of skin
trouble falling asleep, or staying asleep insomnia
disease process in which vision becomes hazy, cloudy, or glazed cataracts
Stage I in death and dying Denial
Stage II in death and Dying Anger
Stage III in death and dying Bargaining
Stage IV in death and dying depression
Stage V in death and dying acceptance
Urinary dysfunction related to increased abdominal pressure from cough, sneezing, or lifting stress incontinence
urinary dysfunction related to mobility and ability to perform ADLs Functional incontinence
nocturia frequent night time urination
wisdom gathered from a lifetime of experience crystallized intelligence
ability to think out side of the box fluid intelligence
Medicare branch responsible for drug coverage Medicare part D
Medicare branch responsible for hospital stays Medicare Part A
Average temp for Geri Patient 96.8
Average blood pressure less than 120/80
Risk factors for osteoporosis caucasian, female, post-menopausal, history of smoking
care focused on reducing or relieving the symptoms of disease with out attempting to cure palliative
difficulty swallowing aphagia
Refusal to acknowledge grief or stressor denial
creating acceptable reasons for unacceptable behavior rationalization
Interventions for MI Morphine, oxygen, nitrogen, aspirin
obligation of health care providers to report suspected abuse mandatory reporting
disruption of the sleep cycle may be related to decreased production of___________ melatonin
emotional signs of depression in geriatric patients include irritability, and agitation
if the patient expresses fear, agitation or grief, the first action by the nurse should be to: identify the source of the problem, by using open ended questions
True or False: The competent geriatric patient has the right to change the treatment plan at any time true
Created by: kleer