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Vocab #2

Mrs Kraus

Subterranean underground
apprehension Fear
Allure Attraction
Abyss A pit
Impel Drive
Thrive flourish
Scrutinizing Examining
Fissures Canyons
Misgivings Doubts
Exhilarations Thrill
Dual two things that are alike.
Biennial Twice a year.
Biannial Once every two years.
Duel A battle between two people.
Binoculars For two eyes.
Profusion amount
Prudent careful
Afford Provide
Abrasion scraping
capacious roomy
Manuscript Written by hand
Diplopia Double vision
Pteron Wing
Sauros Lizard
Dichotomy A division into two
Bantar Playful
Labyrinth Confusion or complicated arrangement
Provocative tending to call forth action or thought
Ensure Make certain
Paraphernalia Equipment
Created by: MAR