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Mr. Olson 5th 1A

5th Grade Science 1 A

I'm cold blooded and I have a moist slimy body. Frog
I'm cold blooded animal and my temperature changes with the temperature of the water or air around me. Fish
Some skeletons are made of? It is a soft bone like material that bends. Catenae
Structure that helps fish move around Fins
Fish have them and use them for breathing. Gills
Fish are a major source of? Food
Most adult amphibians breathe with their? Lungs
This amphibian has gills on the outside of it body. Mud Puppy
When reptiles give birth to their young they lay? Eggs
What shape is a Crocodiles head? Triangular shaped w/Long narrow snout
What shape is a Alligators head? Wide head with short blunt snout
What is the larges group of reptiles? Snake
I have teeth that are curved toward the back of my mouth. Who am I? Snake
I live in the desert and other hot, dry areas. Who am I? Lizard
Give am example of a Lizard that changes colors? Chameleons
I have claws on my toes and my body is covered with scales. Who am I? Lizard
I have a shell that protects my body from danger. Who am I? Turtle
What does warm blooded body mean? Your body stays the same temperature.
Bones and feathers are ____________ and light. HOLLOW
To lose and replace feathers this is called what? molting
Feathers are used for ______________and _____________. Flying and keeping warm
I am the most complex animal. Who am I? Mammal
I am warm blooded and breath with my lungs. I also live on land. Who am I? Mammals
What are whales and dolphins? mammals
I have 4 legs and I spend most of my time in the water. Who am I? Crocodiles & Alligators
I live on land, in water, and on trees. Who am I? Birds
I lay eggs and have hard shells. Who am I? Bird
I have gills on the inside of my body. Who am I? Fish
A Flat bony structures are called? Scales
What does cold blooded mean? Animals temperature changes with the temperature of the water or air around it.
I feed my young milk. Who am I? Mammal
I am a fish and _________passes through my mouth and out my __________________? Water -- Gills
_________________goes into the blood in the gills. Oxygen
Gills are for breathing. They have a feathery structures that are filled with ___________? Blood
I do not have legs. Who am I Snake
Most birds use their wings to do what with? Fly
Give my an example of a bird that doesn't fly. Penguins
Which mammal care for their young in a pouch? Kangaroo
When a turtle is in danger he pulls in his_____________and__________________. Legs and Head
A Turtle body is protected by a ____________? Shell
Are reptiles cold blooded or warm blooded? Cold Blooded
Are mammals cold blooded or warm blooded? Warm Blooded
Fish are found in ___________and ___________ water. fresh and salt
Mammals breathe with their? lungs
Fish breathe with their? gills
What are the FIVE stages of a frog? 1. Lay eggs in water 2. tadpoles hatch from eggs 3. tadpoles live in water & have gills 4. tadpoles begin to lose tail form,front & back legs, and develop lungs 5. Adult frogs live on land and have lungs.
I have fur on my body at some time in my life. Who am I? mammal
I live on land? Who am I? mammal
4 Groups of Amphibians are? Crocodiles/Alligators Snakes Lizards Turtles
I have a skeleton that is simpler than any other vertebrate. Who am I Fish
I am a reptile and I spend most of my time in the water? Who am I Crocodile/Alligator
Toad, Frog, Salamander, Mud puppy are what? Amphibians
Created by: mr.olson
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