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1st Review

An air mass travels north over the Pacific Ocean, from the tropics, and then eastward across the United States. Which weather pattern can be expected? warm and wet
What major and potentially catastrophic events can be predicted to occur in the Northern Hemisphere between the months of June and November? hurricanes
jet streams is moving west to east across U.S. Which characteristic of a jet stream is important in predicting weather patterns? A.controls speed of surface wind. B. controls direction of surface wind. C. separates moist north air from warm South sir separates cold northern air from warm southern air.
Water vapor sometimes condenses into stratus clouds that are in contact with the ground. What forms as a result of this process? A. ozone B. methane C. fog D. smoke Fog
Which is most likely contributes to the rotational pattern of a hurricane that develops in the Atlantic Ocean? A. Gulf Stream B. Coriolis Effect C. low relative humidity D. high-pressure system Coriolis Effect
Which of these is associated with hurricanes? A. storm that forces winds toward ground B.storm that develops in warm air closer to equator C. storm that develops high-pressure thunderstorm clouds D.storm that causes an area of low pressure beneat a storm that causes an area of low pressure beneath the warm air
On Mount Everest the temperature decreases as the altitude increases. The summit of this mountain is in which atmospheric layer? A. mesosphere B. stratosphere C. thermosphere D. troposphere troposphere
Which gas makes up the greatest percentage of Earth’s atmosphere? A. argon B. nitrogen C. nitrous oxide D. carbon dioxide nitrogen
How is the stratosphere different from troposphere? A. clouds in stratosphere produce more rain. B.air in stratosphere has a greater density. C.composition of stratosphere lacks ozone. D.temperature of stratosphere warms at higher altitudes The temperature in the stratosphere warms at higher altitude
Which type of activity would most likely be included on a weather map? A. satellite B. seismic C. volcanic D. hurricane hurricane
Which statement is describing climate? A. It snowed 12 centimeters last night. B. Last winter was colder than normal. C. There is a thunderstorm watch for the local area. D. The temperature will be between 32°C and 37°C all week. last winter was colder than normal
Which condition is associated with most warm fronts? A. tornado formations B. low temperatures C. violent air mass collisions D. cloud formations bringing precipitation cloud formations bringing precipitation
Two characteristics of the Nevada climate are low humidity and abundant sunshine. This combination of characteristics most likely results in A.low altitude fog. B.rapid evaporation. C.high elevation snowfall. D.frequent thunderstorms. rapid evaporation.
When a plane flies, it travels through air that contains gases, liquids, and solids. This area is best described as the A. atmosphere. B. lithosphere. C. biosphere. D. hydrosphere. Atmosphere
Which element makes up most of the air we breathe. A. carbon B. nitrogen C. oxygen D. argon nitrogen
7.In which layer of Earth’s atmosphere does weather occur? A. mesosphere B. stratosphere C. thermosphere D. troposphere troposphere
The process by which water vapor in the atmosphere cools and becomes a liquid is called A. evaporation. B. perspiration. C. condensation. D. transportation. condensation
What is the primary cause of rainstorms? A. Earth is heated by the Sun. B. Mountains direct moist air upward. C. Water forms droplets when cooled. D. Most of Earth is covered with water. Earth is heated by the Sun
Hurricanes are large tropical storms with winds exceeding 74 mph, What is the source of energy contained in hurricanes?A.thermal energy of ocean waters B.kinetic energy of ocean waves C.thermal energy of coastal lands D.mechanical energy of moving air thermal energy of ocean waters
Hurricanes form over water & lose wind speed when moving over land.This pattern best shows? A.More solar radiation strikes oceans than land. B.Heat from inside Earth warms oceans more than land. C.Oceans transfer energy to atmosphere than land.D.Oceans tr oceans transfer heat and chemical to atmosphere
Created by: cswann