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science 1 and 2

investigation 1 and 2 vocab and notes

what is the definition of pendulum a mass hung from a fixed point, free to swing back and forth when put in motion
what is the definition of cycle any motion or activity that repeats its self
what is the definition of varible a factor or condition that can change and might effect the out come of an experiment
what is the definition of standard the basic procedure used in a controlled experiment, before changing any of the varibles
what is the definition of controlled experiment an experiment in which one and only one, varible is changed ib order to asses or judge its effect
Answer this key question: which varibles made no effect in the number of swings of a pendulum 1. Weight of bob 2.Height of drop
Answer this key question: what varible did make an effect the length of the string
Answer this key question:is there a relationship between the length of a pendulum and the number of swings it makes in a unit of time yes, it does
what is the definitintion of capacity the maximum volume of fluid a container can hold
why does a heavy log float in water because wood is less dense
how can you tell which items will float less density= will float greater density= will sink same density= newtral
What is the definition of a two coordinate grid Shows the out come of a series of experiments and compared to standard
Who was Galileo An Italian astronomer who thought the pendulum to keep time
What is the definition of density The amount of matter that will fit in a given space
Who was Archimedes The person who showed water displacement could tell more about an object
Identify variables that affect the number of passengers lifeboats can hold 1.penny placement 2.shaking water 3.wet pennies 4.wet boat
Describe the relationship between the capacity of a boat and the number of passengers it can hold A bigger ship= more passengers it can hold A smaller ship= lesser passengers it can hold
Created by: tigershark