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Stack #171158

absolute zero coldest temperature possible, particles have no motion
absorption moving food molecules from the gut to the blood
absorption occurs when light waves are captured by an object
acceleration, a increase in speed of an object
acid substance that turns litmus paper red or pink; releases hydrogen ions when in solution
acid particles particles that an acid releases when in solution; hydrogen (H+) ions
acidic properties properties of a family of chemicals called acids
acidic rain rain that is more acidic than normal
acidic solution solution with an excess of acid particles (hydrogen ions, H+)
acidity strength of an acidic solution
action reaction
adaptation feature that enables an organism to survive and reproduce
aerobic respiration type of respiration that occurs when oxygen is abundant
alkali a base that will dissolve in water; substance that turns litmus paper blue
alkaline solution solution with a pH above 7
alkalinity strength of an alkaline solution
alloy mixture of a metal and other chemicals
alternating current current that keeps changing direction
alveoli tiny air bags in lungs where gas exchange occurs
amino acid small molecules that proteins are made out of
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