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Unit 1 Exam Study

Hydroponics Unit Study Help

Put these in order from simplest to most complex: cell, organ, tissue cell, tissue, organ
How does skin repair itself? cells in your skin reproduce by cell division
Name one part of the cell theory. cells are the building blocks of life, all living things are made of cells, and cells come from other living cells
What is the first phase of mitosis? prophase- centrioles begin to appear
What is mitosis? cell division
What are 3 parts of the cell that are in plant cells only? chloroplasts, cell wall, and large vacuoles
Why are cells shaped differently? they have different functions (jobs)
What kind of substance is pure water? compound
Which product of photosynthesis does the plant use to turn into energy? glucose/sugar
How do cells of basil use carbon dioxide? combines with water to produce sugar/glucose
What is the main goal of respiration? to extract energy from food
Describe respiration. food reacts with oxygen to produce energy, carbon dioxide, and water
How are carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen classified? elements
When metal rusts, what happens to its' mass? it increases
Photosynthesis begins when the sun strikes what part of the plant? the leaves
What is the function (job) of the root? to absorb water and nutrients
When 1 gram of water is evaporated, the volume of the water vapor increases but the mass remains constant. Why? the number of atoms in the water remains the same, the appearance changes
Why are photosynthesis and respiration a cycle? the products of one are used as the raw materials of the other
How can someone separate a solution of sugar and water? evaporate or distill it
Acids range from what two numbers on the pH scale? 0-7
Bases range from what two numbers on the pH scale? 7-14
Neutrals are what number on the pH scale? 7
Created by: bumberns