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German Heritage

chapter 14

germans are reserved, formal and like order
migrations factors religious tolerance, equitable land distribution, political persecution, poverty
social status, credibility based on educational level
early immigrants tobacco, wheat, rice, cotton, corn, sugar farmers
communication learn english in grade 5, in grade 7 learn 3rd language
german language is low contextual, grater emphasis on verbal than non-verbal. speech is direct and explicit
feelings are considered private and difficult to share
good manners are a display of respect
social distance, eye contact, touch define boundaries of politeness
father plays dominant role
touch careful not to touch those who are not family or close friends
value privacy
smiling is reserved for friends and family
unacceptable non verbal include gum chewing in public, cleaning fingernails in public talking with hands in pockets, placing feet on furniture and public displays of affection
temporal relationships focus on the present to ensure a good future being on time is essential
social relationships are kept on a formal basis
elders are sought for advice.
family goals to reflect positively on the family
diseases HIV/AIDS is low in Germany. increase incidence of cystic fibrosis
ruhezeit quiet time between 1-3 pm monday through saturday and all day on sunday.
common foods real cream and butter are used
foods for illness include jello, egg custards, ginger ale
foods to prevent illness prune juice for constipation. tomato soup for migraines. ginger ale for upset stomach. garlic and onions to prevent heart disease
large families are rare. usually only 2 children
government pays for child rearing leave until age 3 for each child
prescriptive practices plenty of exercise, fresh air, increase food intake while pregnant
death rituals 3 day period of mourning. wearing of black is expected.
health care practices receive regular medical and dental check ups
will self medicated until ineffective then seek medical advice
folk medicine include singing and laying on of hands. Use of roots, herbs, saying special words or wearing special charms.
midwifery is a family based tradition
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