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Filipino Heritage

chapter 13

Philippines consists of 7107 islands
national language pilipino (tagalog based)
differs from asian neighbors due to spainish influence
filipino traits are collectivism, loyalty, generosity, hospitality, humility
reason for migration economic
has highest rate of literacy in Asia
nursing education in philippines stress mastery of facts and rote learning
tagalog primary language spoken
english official language used for business
specific nouns are used to deonote a person's age, gender and poisiton
there is a desire for group approval
concealment of feelings or conflict is used to protect integrity of both parties
Filipino communication is highly contextual
communication patterns show respect for elders, use titles
intuitive knowledge is used to guide interactions
interpersonal and social life operates to maintain smooth interpersonal relationships
filippinos may sacrifice clear communication to avoid stressful conflicts
communication patterns are relational in orientattion
kapwa shared identity with others
direct eye contact varies depending on degree of acculturation, age, length of time in US
touch is used freely, especially with insiders
degree of sharing is determined if you are an insider or outsider
filipinos have a relaxed temporal outlook
relaxed temporal outlook respect for the past, enjoy the present and hope for the future
filipino family is bilineally extended to several generations
family roles women held in high respect. equal to men
traditional female roles care for the sick and children, manage home
children are viewed as a gift from God
respect is manifested in both speech and actions
utang na loob personal sense of indebtedness and loyalty to kin
family presence may act as a barrier to full disclosure of conditions that may be perceived as shameful for family
the family is basic social and economic unit
child rearing practices are permissive in younger children
family's prestige is measured by upbringing of the children
diseases highest prevalence of HTN but best controlled
depression higher incidence than whites
CNS depressants require less med
alcohol lower tolerance
food filipino meals are labor intensive. guests usually stay for several meals
sources of protein chicken, pork
milk is absent except for babies and young children
health is promoted by moderation
hot and cold theory is believed to promote health
malnutrition persists in the country
during post partum exposure to cold is avoided.showers are not allowed
practice after birth aromatic herbal steam bath followed by full body massage given after birth to encourage healing
Death is a spiritual event. illness an ddeath may be viewed as punishment
1 year anniversary of death family reunite to celebrate
response to death family members want to be present.
women show emotion with death by openly crying, fainting, or wailing
spirituality will seek medical care but believe God is in charge of curing
health care practices will seek out family members for care first
holism is a health care belief and practice
older women provide health care for younger members
family hierarchy may require consulting with members before decisions are made
major health decisions may be left to the physician to make
barriers to health care may not seek care until disease is advance
pain is viewed as part of living an honorable life
minimal expression of discomfort may be discussed with outsiders so that more discomfort does not follow
mental illness may be viewed as a result of sorcery
witch doctors, fortune-tellers, faith healers may be used for pts with mental illness
hilot folk healer
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