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Energy Review

Jasmine has a bowling ball and a basketball. Why is the bowling ball harder to lift? The bowling ball required more force to lift.
If you were planning a roller-skating race, which surface would be best? Gravel, sand, blacktop, or grass? Blacktop would be best.
If you throw a ball in the air, what force causes the ball to fall back to the ground? Gravity.
If a class was playing tug of war, what type of forces do they have if the rope is not moving? The class has balanced forces.
What force causes an object to slow down and stop? Friction.
Which surface would cause the MOST friction? Notebook paper, sandpaper, wood, or plastic? Sandpaper.
Does a rollercoaster have potential energy at the top of a hill or when it is moving down a hill? The top of the hill.
How does light travel? Light travels in a straight line.
How does sound travel? Sound travels in waves by vibrations.
Define a closed circuit. A closed circuit allows electricity to flow through.
What is the purpose of a switch? A switch will open or close a circuit.
What type of materials would close a circuit? All metal objects are conductors, or materials to close a circuit.
What happens if one light bulb is removed from a series circuit with two light bulbs? The other light bulb will also go out.
What happens if one light bulb is removed from a parallel circuit with two light bulbs? The other light bulb will stay on.
On a guitar, which type of string would produce a low pitch sound? A long, thick, or loose string.
On a guitar, which type of string would produce a high pitch sound? A short, thin, or tight string.
A low pitch has ______ vibrations and ______ wavelengths. Slow vibrations and long wavelengths.
A high pitch has _______ vibrations and _______ wavelengths. Fast vibrations and short wavelengths.
If a pencil is put into a cup of water, what does the pencil look like? Why? The pencil looks broken because the light is being refracted.
Define refract. Refract means light slows down and bends when passing through two states of matter.
When light hits a mirror, what happens? Why? Light will reflect because the material is shiny, smooth, and metal.
At what angle does light reflect? Light reflects at a V-angle.
What happens to light when it hits a black piece of paper? Light will absorb and turn into heat energy.
Which part of a wooden pencil would best conduct electricity? The metal band of a wooden pencil.
Created by: HarrTeacher