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Grade 7 - Bacteria and Viruses

What is a substance that stimulates the body to produce chemicals that destroy virus or bacteria? Vaccine
What is an organism that lives in or on an organism and causes harm to the host? Parasite
What produces proteins in a cell? Ribosomes
What do viruses form to survive harsh conditions? Endospores
What is the area inside the cell membrane of a bacterium? Cytoplasm
What is the best way to treat a virus? Bed rest
What is a chemical that can kill bacteria without harming the human body? Antibiotic
What must a virus invade in order to multiply? Host Cell
What type of virus waits to become active in the host cell? Hidden Virus
What are bacteria that break down large chemicals in dead organisms into small chemicals? Decomposers
What is the whiplike structure that helps a bacterial cell move? Flagellum
What is a virus that attacks and destroys bacteria? Bacteriophage
What is an illness that passes from one organism to another? infectious disease
What is binary fission an example of? Asexual reproduction
What is the process of breaking down food to release energy? Respiration
What type of virus immediately starts to reproduce when it enters the host cell? Active Virus
What part of a virus protects it? Protein Coat
What part of a virus contains the the information needed to reproduce? Genetic Material
What are considered living bacteria or viruses? Bacteria
Why are viruses considered to be prokaryotes? No Nucleus
What is a poison that can harm an organism called? Toxin
What types of food are made of bacteria? Vinegar and Yogurt
What part of the cell controls what can go in and what can get out? Cell Membrane
What are considered to be alive, virus or bacteria? Bacteria
What type of virus becomes part of the genetic material and later becomes active? Hidden Virus
Is a virus or bacteria surrounded by a cell wall? Bacteria
Is conjugation a type of asexual or sexual reproduction? Sexual
What part of a virus or bacteria contains the information needed to reproduce? Genetic Material
Created by: kpmueller