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European American

chapter 12

dominant values include independence, confidence, "doing", volunteerism, friendliness
american english is low context, verbal is seen as more important than non-verbal. speed varies by region
americans are willing to disclose personal information
touch america is generally a low touch society. conversants tend to stand 18 inches apart. expected to maintain eye contact
american culture is future orientated.time is a highly valued resource that should not be wasted
family roles acceptable for women to have career. men assist with household chores and rearing of children
family goals raising of children
diseases cardiovascular disease is leading killer of both sexes. obesity is on the increase
dietary practices diet is high in fat and low in fiber
death american culture believes in self-determination and autonomy on end of life care
responsibility for health care affordable care act is aimed to provide health insurance for all americans
pain is viewed as the "fifth vital sign". belief that pts should be comfortable and not in pain
Created by: transcxnsg