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cuban heritage

chapter 11

immigration due to desire for personal freedom
cubans value smooth interpersonal relationships and intimate relationships over impersonal
conversations are animated, loud and fast rate of speech.
touching acceptable among family/friends pt may hug health care provider
cubans feel a sense of "specialness" that may be misunderstood as arrogance
cubans tend to be present oriented
cubans use 2 surnames representing the mother and the father. "Mr" and "Mrs" should be used to address older pts.
family structure is patriarchal
honor is describes as personal foodness
honor is maintained by treating others with respect
machismo dictates that men display physical strength and virility
cuban parents tend to pamper and overprotect children
family is more important social aspect. multigenerational households are common.
skin color most are white due to european ancestry. may vary from light to dark. a minority have dark skin due to african extraction
diseases Diabetes, HTN, depression are prevalent. high incidence of unprotected sex
a health body is viewed as fat
traditional cuban diet is high in fat and KCAL
childbearing cuban woman have the lowest birth rate in the developing world
participate in prenatal care if affordable
breast feeding is common
death practices religious artifacts (such as rosary beads) are placed with person
candles are lite to light a person's way after death
spirituality 85% catholics, rest are Protestants, jews and believers of santeria.
cubans rely on family members for first line health care
botanicas sell many herbs, teas, potions used to treat common ailments
barriers to health care poverty, language
health care providers use both traditional and biomedical care. folk practitioners called "santeros" may be used
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