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chinese Heritage

chapter 10

immigration initially due to economic reasons
to be a scholar is highly valued
education is compulsory in china
in US,chinese are either highly or poorly educated
Chinese tend to be more passive and share less
chinese are less likely to tell others things that may be upsetting
chinese might avoid sharing health concern like mental illness or chronic illness
may sound loud with other chinese but generally speak in quite tones
chinese appreciate any attempt to speak their language
place instructions in a specific order
do not use negative questions when communicating
communication patterns do not display emotion openly. will share once relationship is established
touching should be kept to a minimum
with formal situations smiles may be limited
format for names family name is first then given name
family roles family head is male.elders are respected. one child family is preferred
skin color may have yellow undertones. mongolian spots common, bilirubin may be higher.bone density is less
poor metabolism of beta blockers
increase effects of alcohol
health belief of yin and yang/hot & cold
chinese women may insist on female OB due to modesty
chinese fear death and do not refer to it
health care practices preventive focus and all have health care in china
traditional practices include accupunture, herbs, qi(energy)
major reason not to seek health care in US language barrier, cultural barrier, system barrier
Created by: transcxnsg
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