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MUS115 Midterm

DigiPen MUS115 Midterm

Definition of sound design The process of recording, creating, editing, manipulating dialogue, music, and sound effects (SFX) to be used in television, sound recordings, live performances, films, animations, and videos.
List four stages in the production of a soundtrack. 1) Read story 2) "Listen" with eyes 3) Draw visual map 4) Meet with director/producer/team members
Property of sound that best describes the "softness" or "loudness" is _____________. Intensity
Amplitude is ___________________. The measurement of intensity in decibels (dB)
Definition of analog audio A representation of sound through electrical impulses that is analogous to a sound wave.
Definition of digital audio A reproduction and transmission of sound stored in a digital format consisting of binary code (ones and zeroes).
Definition of melody A linear succession of musical tones that use a combination of the four properties of sound: pitch, intensity, duration, and timbre.
List 8 basic music symbols used in music scores. 1) eighth note 2) rest 3) staff 4) treble 5) clef 6) sharp 7) flat 8) lines 9) spaces
List 4 elements of melodic structure. 1) motives 2) phrases 3) periods 4) contour 5) disjunct 6) range of notes 7) melodic progression 8) cadence
Definition of processors and effects Intentional alteration of auditory signals or sound (?)
List 5 categories of sound effects. 1) hard 2) foley 3) background 4) electronic 5) sound design
Describe the process in which film producers aligned music (pre-digital). Composer follows streamer and punches directly on the film. Larger holes designated "hits” (point at which a "cue” or musical event was to begin/end).
Describe the process of matching a music's tempo to an animation. 1) Determine frame rate of the animation 2) Convert frame rate by multiplying FPS by number of seconds in a minute. 3) Discover number of frames in the animation.
Interval 1: Unison Describe the emotion. strength, solidity, security, calmness
Interval 2: Major Second Describe the emotion. happiness, openness, irritating lightness, anticipatory, unsettled
Interval 3: Minor Second Describe the emotion. tense, uneasy, mysterious
Interval 4: Major Third Describe the emotion. hopeful, friendly, resolved, comfortable, square, characterless
Interval 5: Minor Third Describe the emotion. soothing, delicate sad
Interval 6: Perfect Fourth Describe the emotion. serenity, clarity, openness, light, angelic character
Interval 7: Perfect Fifth Describe the emotion. power, centering, comfortable, completeness, homely
Interval 8: Diminished Fifth Describe the emotion. malevolent, demonic, horrific
Interval 9: Major Sixth Describe the emotion. elation, uplifting
Interval 10: Minor Sixth Describe the emotion. soothing, delicate, sad
Interval 11: Major Seventh Describe the emotion. strange, discordant, eerie
Interval 12: Minor Seventh Describe the emotion. suspenseful, expectant, rich, unbalanced
Interval 13: Octave Describe the emotion. completeness, openness, togetherness, circularity
Created by: rotaryblaze