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middle ages

why did Rome suffer a series of military losses ? they were constantly being raided by Germanic tribes.
what resulted in finical crisis? Rome over spent on military wars.
as the roman empire stopped expanding, what was the result? the much needed supply of slaves and war treasures ceased as well.
the empire got divided into two parts, what were they? eastern and western.
the empire was too large, what was their biggest problem? they could'nt communicate effectively.
what happened when Visigoths got mistreated by the Romans? they revolted and killed a roman emperor.
when the Huns entered Europe what did they do? they pushed the Germanic tribes twords the roman empire.
when emperors weren't able the recruit enough roman soldiers what did they do? they began to hire mercenaries (foreign soldiers)that weren't loyal.
what was the western part called? the capital was the Roman empire.
what was the eastern part called? the capital was the byzantine empire.
when did the western half of the roman empire collapse? 476 AD.
when did the eastern part collapse? 1453 AD it fell to the ottoman Turks.
this roman emperor moves the capital of the roman empire from Rome to where? Constantine Byzantium
Constantinople is now what? Istanbul
Justinian the great built what along with roads canals, bridges,public baths, hospitals, and many churches. Hagaia Sophia
Justinian the great built a series of codes,he combined them in to what? the legal system
the roman empire was located in between what two seas? the black and the Aegean
the great schism happened when? 1054
Charlemagne was also known as who? Charles the great
who crowned me the holy roman emperor? pope leo the third
what did peasants give knights to receive in return? they gave foods and services to receive land and protection
What did knights give lords to recive in return? They gave them protection and military service and they recived land
What did lords give kings to recive in return? They gave them money and they got land in return
What are mercinaries? They are germanic tribes who got hired by the emperor but are not loyal
What was the importance of charles martels victory at the battle of tours? It kept the muslims from advancing into western europe
Why was charlaminge called charles the great? He ruled what is now france germany and prts of italy, he was a great leader
What was the role/function of the church? It was the main stabalizing force in western europe.
How did the church aquire its wealth in the middle ages?. It got its money from tithing, donations, an the sald of indulgencies
What was europes oldest university? University of bolagna 1088
What was the second oldest university? (1096) Oxford university
University of paris was the second oldest university what year was it? 1160
Moderna was the third oldest what year was it? 1175
University of viicenza is the latest university what year is it 1204
What were the 6subjects taught at mideval university? Rhetoric. Theology Geometry. Arithmetic Logic. Astronomy
Who was st. Patrick and st. Augastine? They were missionaries who spread christinanity through ireland
What is feudalism? A dominant form of a political structure
What is dormatory? A place where the monks slept
What are Illuminated manuscripts? Hand written books with decoration.
What were mideval monistaries used for? Charity /feeding the hungry, healing the sick, eduaction for boys copying the manuscripts, and it kept documents of the most stricking events
What are fiefs? Lords
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