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Chapter E

a boy don't want his pet(frog) anymore,what should he do? return to the store
difference between animal and plants plants:making own foods;animal eating other organism
what is not a producer below? grasshopper
in oder to survive, need what? All above(light, space ,and warmth)
what is homo-- mean janus
role of a producer in a ECO is convert sun's energy into its own food.
you guess a cat is hunting a mouse, your idea is inference
feeding relationships in a ECO are best represented by a web
wich is a consumer, (owl, rabbit and human) owl, rabbit and human (all of the above)
the original sause of the energy in a ECO is the sun
what is missing from a food web? (grass, owl, rabbit and human) decomposer
how do plant get their energy? make their own energy by photosensethes
how do animals get their energy? consume other organisms
Most organisms have specific requirements related_____to survive warmth, space, and light
For photosynthesis to occur, most plants need________ carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight
The scientific name for humans (Homo Spain) is made up_________ of the genus (Homo) and species (Spain).
Decomposers include_____ fungi and bacteria
Plant cells contain a__________ cell wall, chloroplasts, and a nucleus
Carrying capacity can be affected by_________ the amount of available food, competition with another group of organisms, and a change in the weather.
The size of a population can be affected___________ by the availability of oxygen, pollution, and available space.
The five-kingdom classification system divides living things into five groups__________ plants, animals, fungi, protists, and bacteria.
The 6-kingdom system had those five groups plus Archaea. Archaea used to be grouped with bacteria. plants, animals, fungi, protists, bacteria, and archaea (archaea used to be grouped with bacteria.)
ECO means living organisms in a environment.
what true? none of the above.
photosynthesis is made from producers
PHTOS need for . carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight
decomposer includes fungi and bacteria
food web shows flout of____ energy
___________not in plant all in
u see warm burrow into the ground is observation
what chart is best? line graph
it shows(1-2;2-5;3-10;4-17;5-30) increase of POPUL
if reach carrying capacity, it will stay the same
what can affect the CAR CAPA all of the above
reached CAR CAPA other competitor will decrase
release mouse in the woods will both(die or new species)
DECOMP is break down dead matter
affect population? both A and B
without the sun, can't________ make PHOTOS
a big fish(A) is intruducted. a fish already there(B) will_______ decrease
A(new species) will _________ increase
a claimat, geography, plant or animal life is a ____________ biom
survived in ECO, blc ______________ no predator
population is___________ all garden snail in a garden
requirement of water, oxygen........is __________ habitat
archaea is grouped with_______________ bactaria
classification shows ____________ the relationships among different groups of organisms.
last answer c-a-a
Created by: qyang