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Science 10/17/2014

Chapter 2 Life Science

Where does the body break down food? Digestive System
A hard _________ protects an insect's body Exoskeleton
Traits are passed from parents to offspring through? Heredity
What is an animal that does not have a backbone called? Invertebrate
What is a series of very different body forms called? Metamorphosis
Our brain and sense organs make up our? Nervous System
A lizard is an example of a cold-blooded vertebrate that belongs to what group? Reptile
What is the purpose of the circulatory system? To move blood through your body.
How are animals different from one another? The way they reproduce, if they are warm or cold blooded, and if they are vertebrate or invertebrate.
Which body system carries messages to other body systems? Nervous System
What is the simplest kind of invertebrate, and its body does not have symmetry? Sponge
Which system has the job of moving a body's bones? Muscular System
What is an arthropod? Invertebrate with jointed legs and a segmented body.
What is an organism's birth, growth, reproduction, and death called? A life cycle.
How long an organism is supposed to live is called its? Life span.
What type of animal has hollow bones and is covered with feathers? A bird.
An internal support structure is called what? An endoskeleton.
What kind of animal lives part of the time in water and part of the time on land? An amphibian.
What are examples of learned behavior? Riding a bike, learning how to swim, learning how to tie your shoes.
Created by: bdubsmom