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Wordly Wise #4

Lesson 4 Word List

accurate 1. Able to give or correct reading or measurement. 2. Without mistakes or errors in facts.
approximate Not exact, but close enough to be reasonably correct.
course 1. The path over which something moves. 2. A way of acting or behaving. 3. A subject or set of subjects to be studied.
depart To leave; to go away from a place.
despair 1. To lose hope. 2. A total lack of hope.
destination The place to which someone or something is going.
deteriorate To make or become worse.
gale 1. A very strong wind. 2. A loud outburst.
horizon The apparent line in the distance where the sky meets the sea and land.
jubilation A feeling or expression of great joy.
navigate To calculate or direct the movement of a ship or aircraft.
nostalgia A longing for a certain time in the past.
revive 1. To make or become strong again. 2. To bring back in use or fashion.
sever 1. To break off. 2. To cut in two.
voyage 1. A long journey by sea or in space 2. To make a journey by sea or in space.
Created by: Danielle4423