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Ch 1-5 vocab english

levity lightness of manner of speech
meander to move/wander aimlessly or stray
peripheral of minor importance or relevance; only slightly connected
vacillated sway indecisively between two opinions
eloquent extremely expressive and persuasive
unobtrusive not readily noticeable or eye catching
jargon the specialized language of people in the same proffession
substantiate to prove the truth of; confirm; verify
dearth a scarcity or lack
copious abundant
querelous complaining or whining
lampoon to attack or ridicule through humor
reproach blame; a rebuke
brevity briefness, shortness
torpor a state of inactivity
heist a theft
frivilous not sensible or serious; silly
clemency mercy in judgment; leniency
unscathed not harmed
respite short period of rest
parsimonious too thrifty; stingy; miserly
prodigal wasteful and reckless with money
exuberance high spirited enthusiasm
writhe to twist and turn in pain or discomfort
decadence a condition of deterioration; decay
exemplary worthy of imitation; praiseworthy
insolvent unable to pay debts; penniless
coalesce merge to form one whole
surreptitious done in secret or sly way; stealthy
incidental occurring as a minor consequence of something more important
misanthrope person who hates or distrusts humans
progeny children
effervescent bubbling with high spirits; exhilerated
dispassionate not influenced by emotion; impartial
brusque rudely abrupt; curt
nonchalance casual indifference; lack of concern
indefatigueable untiring
stoic seemingly unaffected by pain
voracious ravenous; consuming or eager to consume large amounts
morose very gloomy or sullen
fledgling new and unexperienced; newly hatched
opulence luxury
hackneyed overused; stale
proximity closeness
unassailable impossible to deny
voluminous big; bulky
supplant take the place of
affinity natural attraction or liking
sagacious wise; sensible
incessant constant; without stopping
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