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Latin 3

Vocab 9

amicitia, ae (f) friendship, alliance
annus, i (m) year
antiquus, a, um old, early
calamitas, calamitatis (f) loss, harm, disaster
canis, canis (m/f) dog
classis, classis (f) fleet, class
collis, collis (m) hill
cursus, us (m) running, course, speed
custos, custodis (m) guard, keeper, watch
explorator, exploratoris (m) spy, scout
facultas, facultatis (f) ability, chance, supply
fama, ae (f) rumor, fame, reputation
ferrum i (n) iron, sword
fides, ei (f) trust, belief, faith
fluctus, us (m) flood, wave
fortuna, ae (f) fortune, chance, luck
fossa, ae (f) ditch, trench
frater, fratris (m) brother
frumentum, i (n) grain, crops
genus, generis (n) race, class, mode, sort
ignis, ignis (m) fire
impetus, us (m) attack, fury
inopia, ae (f) lack, need
litus, litoris (n) shore, coast
mensis, mensis (m) month
nauta, ae (m) sailor
nomen, nominis (n) name, title
os, oris (n) mouth, face
panis, panis (m) bread, loaf
passus, us (m) pace, step
periculum, i (n) danger
portus, us (m) harbor, port
princeps, principis (m) leader, chief, emperor
senatus, us (m) senate
signum, i (n) sign, standard, signal
sol, solis (m) sun
subito suddenly
tempestas, tempestatis (f) weather, storm
timor, timoris (m) fear
terra, ae (f) earth, land, ground
vadum, i (n) ford, shoal, channel
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