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Unit A Exam

Studying People Scientifically

The steps a scientist goes through when finding an answer to a problem. The Scientific Method
Information that is difficult to measure, count, or express in numerical terms. Qualitative Data
An exchange of one thing in return of another, giving up one benefit or advantage for another regarded as more desirable. Trade Off
The agency that is responsible for determining if a food or drug is safe and effective enough to be sold to the public. FDA
The available facts, data and/or observations which support a theory or conclusion. Evidence
Includes your brain, spinal cord, and nerves. Nervous System
The number of items in a sample. Sample Size
Logical conclusions based on factual knowledge or evidence. Inference
The study of living things and how they interact with things around them. Life Science
To examine, closely study, and evaluate in order to better understand data. Analyze
The nerve endings that detect pressure on your skin. Touch Receptor
A disease that caused rashes and mental insanity in individuals who were lacking a specific vitamin -B in their diet. Pellagra
A set of values Range
In an experiment, it is the value that is changed or controlled. Variable
An inactive substance used as a control. Placebo
The study of right and wrong in people's behavior. Ethics
The doctor that discovered that people who ate primarily corn were getting the disease pellagra. Goldberger
An explanation for an observation or scientific problem that can be tested by further investigation. Hypothesis
A decision based on observations and analysis or data in an experiment. Conclusion
The volunteers in a clinical trial sign this form. Informed Consent
A standard or comparison. Control
An organization that provides money for research. NIH
In a clinical trial, the group that does not receive treatment. Control Group
Data represented as numerical figures. Quantitative Data
The act of conducting a controlled test. Experiment
Tests done by volunteers to determine if a products such as medicines should be made available to the public. Clinical Trial
A lack of something. Deficiency
The viewing and recording of data. Observation
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