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Ch 29 Golden Age

Golden Age A period of great peace and wealth in Greece between the years 479 and 431 BCE - Athens was the artistic and cultural center of Greece
Pericles A great leader in Greece who inspired the people to rebuild Athens after the Persian wars
Acropolis A high, craggy hilltop in Athens on which the Parthenon and other famous temples were built
Parthenon The temple honoring the goddess Athena, built on the acropolis above Athens. The temple was an earthly home for the goddess and was one of the government buildings in Athens.
Myth Legends or stories that attempt to explain natural events
Architecture The art of designing buildings - Temples are an example of Greeceā€™s talent of architecture.
Sculpture A statue usually of a person in three dimensions - Sometimes they made to resemble Greek gods.
Socrates Socrates was a great Greek philosopher. He always encouraged others to question things that they thought they knew.
Plato Plato was a great Greek philosopher taught by Socrates, and Plato taught Aristotle.
Panathenaic Games The Panathenaic games are an athletic event to honor Athena and are part of the Panathenaea, a festival in honor of the goddess Athena.
Olympics The Olympic games are played every 4 years and are a athletic event in honor of the Greek god Zeus. These games were very important to the Greeks. They would call a truce from any war so the athletes could journey safely.
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