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the death of a tree


a fading away, to lessen ebb
to decay disintegrate
very large, of such an extent to make a deep impression massive
lying flat prone
the passing from one condition or form to another transition
deserving respect because of age or dignity venerable
completely, deep profound
a small hill of windblown sand dune
disintegration, death dissolution
a plant disease blight
whole, undamaged intact
a reddish-brown thrust veery
the ability to return quickly to good health and spirits after an illness or tragedy resiliency
going straight up and down vertical
a situation or statement that has contradictory qualities paradox
substances in plant and animal cells that help bring about certain chemical process enzymes
practically, nearly virtually
to consist of comprise
flexibility pliancy
a person or thing that closely resembles another counterpart
great noise and confusion tumult
wood cut in short lengths to be used for fuel cordwood
to be flat, to kneel or fall to the ground in humility or surrender prostrate
the capacity to bear up under hardship or prolonged stress endurance
Created by: lilyann.foster
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