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Bene Bon Good

good words, blessings benediction
an extra reward for goodness bonus
in good faith, genuine bona fide
good-doing, kind benevolent
gentle, good, harmless benign
good and plentiful bounteous
one who gives good things benefactor
one who receives good things beneficiary
good, rich ore deposit, anything yielding abundance bonanza
a lover of good living, especially food bon vivant
The benefactor who brings things down chimneys Santa Claus
Bon vivant's dream, with turkey, potatoes, and pie Thanksgiving
He set the example, giving benedictions and financial aid; today we give hearts, candy, and flowers. Valentine's Day
Looking only for spice, he discovered a bonanza of forests, rivers, animals, and minerals instead. Christopher Columbus
Bringer of bounteous baskets containing goodies and eggs Easter Bunny
Benign little ghost and goblins beg for bonbons Trick or Treaters
We are the beneficiaries of his efforts to bring equality to all races Martin Luther King
Little people who lure big people away from the bona fide trials of gold Leapracauns
Benevolent founding fathers' birthdays President's Day
Bonus day, occurring one out of four. Leap Year
A day when benefactors plant trees Arbor Day
A bonus holiday for those who work hard Labor Day
Created by: camrent