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A___is a membrane-covered structure that contains all of the materials necessary for life cell
In an organism with many cells,different kinds of cells perform________functions specialized
A_____is anything that causes a reaction or change in an organism or any part of an organism stimulus
Homeostasis is the maintenance of a ____ internal environment stable
In____reproduction, two parents produce offspring that will share characteristics of both parents sexual
In_______reproduction, a single parent produces offspring that are identical to the parent asexual
The cells of all living things contain the molecule deoxyribonucleic acid, or___ DNA
How do you spell DNA's full form deoxyribonucleic acid
The passing of traits through offspring is called ____ heredity
Organisms use _______ to carry out the activities of life energy
An organisms ______ is the total of all of the chemical activities that the organism performs metabolism
All living things, whether they are made of one cell or many cells, ______ during periods of their lives grow
Living things may _______ and _____ change as they grow develop,change
What are the 6 things living things/have/use do? They have cells, they sense and respond to change, they reproduce, they have DNA, they use energy, they grow,develop, and change
What does taxonomy mean? The science of describing, classifying, and naming things
What are the 7 categories of classification? Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species
____the first person to organize things scientifically Aristole
Carolus____is the father of taxonomy Linnaeus
What are the 2 main groups of naming genus, species
What does Bionomial Nomenclature mean two names
What are the two languages used for scientific name Latin and Greek
Genus is always ____ but species is _____ Capitalized, lowecase
How can you abbreviate a scientific name Abbreviate the genus but not the species
Genus and species are in____ or_____ italics, underlined
What is a Felis domesticus house cat
What is a Tyrannosaurus rex T.Rex
What is a Canis familiaris dog
What is a Homo sapien human
What is a Panthera onca JAGUAR
What is a guide to identifying organisms? Dichotomous Key
Created by: virajkacker