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Groundwater Vocabulary (Tabat)

Aquifer Porous rock and sediment with water in between
Capillary action How water moves through porous media
Recharge The amount of water that is available to enter groundwater in a region
Porosity Small spaces between grains
Permeable Connections between pores
Impermeable A layer that does not have pores
Water table The upper surface where the groundwater reaches
Spring A source of water from the ground
Well Created by digging or drilling to reach groundwater
Subsidence The water table causes the ground surface to sink
Remediation the action of remedying something; reversing or stopping environmental damage
Bioremediation the use of micro-organisms to consume and breakdown environmental pollutants in order to clean up a polluted site
What is groundwater? water held underground in the soil or in pores and crevices in rock
How does groundwater begin? It begins as rain that seeps into the ground and fills the groundwater basins
What is the cone of depression? a dimple formed in the groundwater table around a well
How is the cone of depression created? It is due from water being pumped into the well
Why would water treatment design engineers be interested in groundwater quality data? To determine how much and which type of treatment is required
Where is the 1% of freshwater located on Earth for human use? Groundwater
What type of precipitation most often soaks the ground and refills groundwater? a gentle, long-lasting rain
What causes the rate of groundwater movement to change? The rock material through which the water is moving
What is the best source of information about the quality of water in aquifers? Wells
What is the importance of an aquifer? It holds uncontaminated ground water for human consumption
Why do lakes, rivers, and streams require more treatment than groundwater? They are exposed to a greater variety of contaminants
During a drought, what happens when the water table dries while the aquifer remains nearly full? The aquifer keeps it water level because of other sources of water
What is the relationship between water stored in the ocean and water stored in groundwater? Water from the ocean evaporates, condenses, and forms precipitation. It enters groundwater through the soil by infiltration and groundwater enters the ocean as discharge
Why would a freshwater well near the ocean have saltwater in it? The water in the aquifer is being used faster than it is naturally replenished and the ocean water in coming in to it.
What could cause a well that has always worked perfectly to suddenly stop working? A falling water table due to decreased precipitation over a long period of time
What could you do to reduce the intrusion of saltwater into a fresh water underground source in a coastal region? Conserve water by reducing consumption in homes, schools and businesses
Created by: ndmsteach