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Nals Ch8 675804

Advance Sheets Paperback pamphlets published weekly which contain reporter cases, including correct volume and page number
Case law Law established by judicial decisions made in court cases
Citators Aa set of books used to verify legal authorities and locate additional, more recent cases
Decisions The opinion of the court
Digests A detailed index by subject on points of law covered by report cases
Federal Register Published daily, contains federal administrative rules and regulation
Good law concept in jurisprudence that a legal decision is still valid. That is, that a decision has not been overturned or otherwise rendered obsolete.
Headnotes Summary of each point of law contained in the court decisions of a reported case
Legal encyclopedia Books that state principals of law supported by footnote references to pertinent cases throughout the U.s
Legal Text Books that cover specific areas of the law usually dealing with a single topic
Loose- leaf service Loose leaf replacement pages provided by a publisher in areas of the law where changes occur at a rapid rate
Mandatory legal authority Primary legal authority that the court is required to follow
Martindale-Hubbell law directory A publication of several volumes that contains names, addresses, specialties, and that the court is required to follow
ordinances A rule established by authority; may be a municipal statute of a city council regulating such matters as zoning, building, safety, matters of municipality, ect.
Persuasive Legal Authority Case law and analysis from other jurisdiction that may shed light on a case in which mandatory legal authority is ambiguous or nonexistent
Pocket parts Supplements to law books in pamphlet form which are inserted in a pocket inside the back cover of the books to keep them current
Primary legal authority Constitutions, codes, statutes, ordinances, and case law
Reporters Books that contain published court decisions
Restatements A publication that explains the law in a particular field
Secondary Legal Authority Writings which set forth the opinion of the writer as to the law
Session Laws publication in bound-volume form of all enactments and resolutions of a legislature passed at a particular index
Shepardizing Checkins the subsequent history of a reported court decision to make sure it has not been overturned by a higher court
Statutes at Large a country's statutes in their original version, regardless of later modifications.
Supremacy clause this clause of the United states constitution established that neither congress nor any state legislature may enact laws that conflict with the U.s Constitution
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