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Sience Matter

Atom smallest unit of matter
Matter anything that has mass and volume
Examples of matter. humans, smoke, textbook, water, lady bug
Mass how much matter is in something
Non-Examples of matter. Energy-light and sound
Whight the pull of gravity on an object
Explain the difference of mass and weight on Earth and the Moon. mass stays the same on the moon and Earth beacuse matter will alweys stays the same. whight on the moon is lighter becuse threr is not as strong of a gravitaional pull on the moon.
Element contains only one type of atom
Molecule two or more atoms chemically combined
How can you seperate componds? by breaking the bond between atoms
Do atoms and molecules move? Yes, in a solid they vibrate and are stuck together and a liquid romes a little more freely and have room to rub aginst each other and in a gas they fly super fast every where
What does it mean if a substance is pure? it only has one type of componite
Give two exaples of molecules. h2o and co2
What is the formula for volume? LxWxH
What is the formula for density? mass/volume
What is the lable for LxWxH. cm3
Created by: s33604