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Dosage and Routes

Ch. 6 Pharmacy Tech Review

Additives additional formulation aids that may be necessary for a successful preparation of the dosage form
Diluents additives used to increase the bulk weight or volume of a dosage form so that the dose of the active drug is more easily handled by the patient
Excipients inactive substances used as a carrier for the active ingredients of a medication
Preservatives substances that slow, minimize, or prevent the growth of bacteria or other microorganisms in the dosage form
Capsules solid dosage form enclosed within a gelatin shell
Tablets drugs formed in molds/die-punch compressions
Lozenges hard, oval, discoid solid dosage with a drug contained in a flavored sugar base
Suppositories designed for insertion into: Rectum, vaginal cavity, urethral tract
Powders Finely ground mixtures of dry drugs and inactive ingredients.
Granules wet powders that dry and ground into course pieces.
Solutions Homogenous mixtures of one or more dissolved medications in a liquid solvent.
Nonaqueous solutions Include Hydro-alcoholic and alcoholic solutions
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