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Hot Zone Chapters 1-

Charles Monet Frenchman Worked at Nzoia Sugar Factory Visted Kitum Cave Died of Ebola
Shem Musoke Doctor Treated Monet Survived Ebola
Nancy Jaxx Worked at USAMRIID Got cut with a butcher knife Wanted to work with Level 4 hot agent
Marburg Named after a town in Germany
Ebola Named for a river in Africa
Sese Islands Where sick monkeys were kept
Fort Detrick Home of USAMRIID
Mount Elgon Where Monet lived
Kitum Cave Where Monet probably got the virus
Maryland Home of Nancy Jaxx
Nzoia Sugar Cane Factory Where Monet worked
Behring Works Vaccine factory in Germany
African Green Monkeys Exported from Africa to Germany
Filovirus Family of viruses that include Marburg and Ebola
Created by: Mrs.Stichter