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Heisig System (Additional Primitives Not Found in Book)

fiesta, mouth, one = a certain 戈口一 = 或
sun, ray = limpid 日光 = 晃
stop, spoon = this here 止匕 = 此
stand up, woman = concubine 立女 = 妾
vulture, tree = grab 爫木 = 采
house, eight = hole 宀八 = 穴
birdhouse, sunglasses = Rose of Sharon birdhouse 舛 = 舜
cave, dirt = shire 广土 = 庄
bamboo, craft, mediocre = ancient harp ⺮工凡 = 筑
mouth, tree = dumbfounded 口木 = 呆
spoon, page = about that time 匕頁 = 頃
flag, puzzle = folding screen 尸并 = 屏
car, axe = chop off 車斤 = 斬
hole, saw = tight 穴乍 = 窄
sign of the Hare
horns, sign of the bird = chieftan 丷酉 = 酋
child, dish = start 子皿 = 孟
stinger, road = tryst 夆辶 = 逢
dinghy, sun = progress 亚日 = 晋
double self, together = southeast 己己共 = 巽
family name, sun = dusk 氏日 = 昏
complete/water, one = helping hand [了水], 一 = 丞
mountain goat, moon = first day of the month 屰月 = 朔
dog w/ one human leg = lame dog = understandably [犬儿] = 尤
elbow, moon, spoon, spoon = ability 厶月匕匕 = 能
stand up, moon, slingshot, self, three = old dragon 立月 slingshot 己三 = 龍
red, red = incandescent 赤赤 = 赫
meeting of butchers, heart = in the nick of time 亼刖心 = 愈
staples, reverse staples = mortar staples, reverse staples = 臼
license, walking legs = streetwalker 允夂 = 夋
rice, sunglasses = shoeshine 米舛 = rhs of sympathize with = 憐
top hat, villain, belted elbow = sheik 亠凶禸 = rhs of 璃 crystal =
horns, dinghy = row 丷亚 = 並
walking legs, bush = stinger 夂丰 = 夆
haystack, shell = adorn 卉貝 = 賁
broom, crown, or again = French maid ヨ冖又 = rhs of encroach 侵 = ?
one mouth, hood, human legs, street = old camera 一口冂儿丁 = 鬲
flowers, cocoons = pineapple ⺾幺幺 = 茲
"ma", utilize = hood ornament マ用 = 甬
receipt, sword = ransom note receipt 刀 = top of detain 留 = ?
samurai, beans = drum 士豆 = 壴
mushroom, dirt = mushroom dirt 圥土 = 坴
mushroom, walking legs = mushroom walk 圥夂 = 夌
印 the stamp is rare because the middle stroke is missing from the staples on the left top/rt of welcome 迎 = ?
two hands, human legs = two feet [开儿] = bottom of discharge 発 = ?
stick, taskmaster = Yoda 丨攵 = ?
celery/again = funnel [celery 再] = 冓
craft/circle = again OR king, belt = again [工円] = 再 OR 王冂 = 再
meeting of scrapbookers 亼 scrapbook = 侖
door, scrapbook = thin and flat (like a door or a scrapbook) 戸 scrapbook = 扁
old man, sun = someone (Kermit) 耂日 = 者
fenceposts, two = split-rail fence 丿丨 二 = bottom of adjusted 斉 = ?
top hat, cut grass = sentence 亠乂 = 文
horns, dinghy = row
jolly boat
jolly boat, horns = galleon 业䒑 = top of profession 業 = ?
rag (similar to scarf, except it is NOT based on person, so the first stroke is shorter, and the hook at the bottom of the "person" is not so pronounced). bottom rt. corner of trip 旅 = ?
scarf bottom part of garment = 衣 = ?
garment includes SCARF; trip Includes RAG dou chigaou? 衣旅
drag, rag = zombie ⺁rag = rhs of faction 派 = ?
multitude (similar but unrelated to scarf and rag) bottom part of masses 衆 = ?
mouth/staples, left-open-box, or again = hobby [口 staple gun] left-open-box 又 = 叚
female acupuncturist (like acupuncturist, except "inch" has been replaced with "direction." lft. side of spread 敷 = ?
reclining, one, baby hummingbird = Captain Hook (steam) reclining 一⺄ = 气
hummingbirds rhs of fly 飛 = ?
garter (similar to Miss World, except one leg goes through the crown) rhs of sink 沈 = ?
mouth, crank tool = give 口 crank tool = 呉
mouth, snare, or again = urgent (NOTE: snare apparently turns into complete in some fonts) 口 snare 又 = 亟
hair (an abbreviation of long) COMPARE: long 長, hair镸
slingshot-tailfeathers bottom of recommend 薦
receive, round = sooner or later 享丸 = 孰
top hat, wind = whirlwind (KOU) top hat, wind = 亢
old, moon = uncivilized 古月 = 胡
stand up, old = antique 立冂古 = 啇
siesta rhs side of thirst 渇 = ?
mirror 立日儿 = rhs of 鏡
cabbage rhs of discreet 謹 = ?
scarecrow rhs of sigh = 嘆
grow up
devil rhs of undress 脱 = ?
piggy bank rhs of intestines 腸 = ?
turkey coop rhs of assurance 確 = ?
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