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did they rake off weeds and insects? with what? yes, hoe
why did the flood at half high? so the plant could stand on its own
after how long could the stock stand on its own? three weeks
dry coltivation lasted about 3 weeks they would go throught weeding it. one week of weeding. ends in may
3rd flood is also know as? lay-by or harvest flow
3rd flood support for the rice heads, relative light work in lay-by, some slaves shot rice birds
rice birds bobolinks,like a crow
IN september what did they do? harvest, dry out feilds so people can stand on it, back to stubble
rise hook thing to cut stocks
sheaves groupe of corn stocks
1 slave cut_____ acer of rice 1
When was food passed out? saturday after noon
how long did food had to last one week
Was perserving food hard? yes
What was two things plantations baught? beef and molasus
How many slaves worked in feilds? what did the rest do? half, worked in homes
where was breakfast eaten for the ones who worked in houses? cabins
where was food eaten for the people in the feilds? feilds
Would house servants ever eat the same meal as the owner? yes
How did they perserve meat? smoke and salted
What was their main food? vegtables
What was the most common meal? Hoppin' john
Hoppin' jonh rice,water anf heat it,added smoke meats or salted, peas or beans
What was another big part of their meal? fruit
How did they preserve fruits? canned or brandie, dried
Clabber breakfast meal , yummy to slaves
hominary grits and corn
Types of bread corn bread, rice bread, rye bread, sweet bread, bisquets,cake
What did they mostly drink? water
Clabber milk set in sun for a while
meats eaten pork,beef,mutton,goat,cluck cluck
Sea fodds oysters, clams, shrimp, fish
fish mullet, pike
mullet caught by nets by the thousnadths
pike fresh water fish
Other foods eaten turtle eggs,eel,gator,game
game, deer, fox, pigions, possom,squrile
How did they get their clothing? hammy downs, made on the plantations, cast offs
Winter clothing wool-mostly came from england,
summer clothing cotton in many diffrent colors
When was new clothing passed out? may and november
Where house servants well dressed? yes
What was passed out for clothing? garmets,fabrics,shoes
What would the women get for clthing?men? hankerchiefs or bandanas-white: capps or hats
When would blankets get passed out? every 3 yrs
Did they have bad sunday clothes? no really nice
Where cabins grouped together? yes
Street where cabins where located, 50 yards apart, over sears at the end
How big were cabins? 1 storey, 1 to 2 rooms 15 by 15
WHat did they mainly do in cabins? eat-sleep-cook
How big were the cabins in england?africa? 16 by 21, 10 by 10
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