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Latin for Americans (Latin II)

effero, efferre, extuli, elatus carry out
loco (1) place
simulo (1) pretend
tego, -ere, texi, tectus cover
adeo so much so, to this extent
bis twice
quasi as if
vultus, us, m feature, facial expression
admitto, ere, admisi, admissus let in, admit
despero (1) despair (of)
exstruo, -ere, extrusi, extructus construct
neglego, -ere, -lexi, -lectus neglect
rursus again
legio, -onis f. legion
obses, obsidis -m hostage
timor, -oris, m fear
voluntas, tatis f. wish
audax, audacis bold
aggredior, aggredi, aggressus attack
deleo, -ere, -evi, -etus destroy
fundo, ere, fudi, fusus pour, shield
posco, ere, poposci demand
amplius more
antea before
mox soon
quisquam, quicquam anyone, anything
quisque quidque each, each one
consido, -ere, -sedi, -sessurus sit down
detrimentum, -i, n loss
femina, -ae, f woman
multitudo, -dinis, f great number
complures -a (-ia) several
incolumis, e unharmed
exspiro (1) breathe out
infero, inferre, intuli, illatus bring
prope almost
umquam ever, at anytime
nisi unless, except
eques, equitis, m horsemen
magnitudo, dinis, f greatness
sanguis, inis, m blood
tristis, e sad
coepi, coeptus began (perfect only)
preasto, are, stiti, stitus sand before, excel (w dative)
proicio, -ere, -ieci, -iectus throw, thrust (forward)
restituo, -ere, restitui, restitutus restore
extra outside of (w acc)
quoniam since
collis, is m hill
custos, odis m guard
mens, mentis, f mind
iniquis, a, um uneven, unjust
propinquus, a, um near
vehemens, vehementis vigorous
deficio, -ere, deieci, deiectus, throw down, dislodge
evado, ere, evasi, evasurus go out, escape
nascor, nasci, natus be born
occuro, -ere, occurri, occursurus meet, occur
pendo, ere, pependi, pensus hang, weigh, pay
adventus, -us, m arrival
arx, arcis, f citadel
caedes, -is f slaughter
militaris e military
diripio ere, diripui, dereptus plunder
parco, ere peperci parsus spare (w dat)
vereor, vereri, veritus fear
aes aeris n bronze, money
magistratus, usnj office, magistry
plebs, plebis f common people
tutus a um safe, guarded
alo ere alio alitus feed nourish
coniuro (1) conspire
licet ere licuit (licitum esse) it is permitted
oportet, ere, oportuit it is neccessary
oppugno (1) attack
postulo (1) demand
priusquam before
Created by: audreyiscool