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梦见 mèng jiàn see in a dream
高龄 gāo líng advanced age
身材 shēn cái figure
清秀 qīng xiù graceful
识字 shí zì become literate
事情 shì qíng affair
一年到头 yī nián dào tóu throughout the year
kào lean against the wall
赚钱 zhuàn qián make money
个性 gè xìng personality
独立 dú lì independent
脾气 pí qì temper
耐心 nài xīn patience
发火 fā huǒ get angry
也许 yě xǔ probably
原因 yuán yīn reason
一手 yī shǒu all alone
印象 yìn xiàng impression
心地 xīn dì character
乐于 lè yú willing to do
在世 zài shì to be alive
诚实 chéng shí honest
做人 zuò rén to conduct oneself
成长 chéng zhǎng to mature
影响 yǐng xiǎng influence
优点 yōu diǎn benefit
缺点 quē diǎn weak point
做事 zuò shì to have a job
手脚 shǒu jiǎo movement of limbs
马虎 mǎ hu careless
性格 xìng gé nature
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