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Bk 1 Vocab 4 (21-39)

Latin 4H/5AP

tollo, tollere to raise
inimicus, a, um unfriendly, hostile
incutio, incutere to strike (into)
obruo, obruere to overwhelm, crush
puppis, is deck, ship
diversus, a, um scattered, diverse
dissicio, dissicere to scatter, disperse
bis twice
praestans, praestantis surpassing, excellent
forma, ae beauty, shape, form
coniubium, i marriage, wedlock
iungo, iungere to join, yoke, unite
stabilis, is, e firm, lasting, stable
proprius, a, um one's own, permanent
dico, dicare to consecrate, dedicate
meritum, i desert, merit
exigo, exigere to complete, pass
proles, is offspring, progeny
contra opposite, against, in reply
Created by: hflmagistra