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LEJA JJ Exam 2

Ch 4,5,6

T/F The terms id, ego, and super ego were developed by Sigmund Freud. True
T/F Karl Christiansen studies the delinquency of twins. True
T/F The Somatotype was formulated by Cesare Lombroso. False
T/F A mesomorph is a body structure that is thin and frail. False
T/F An endomorph has a body structure that is soft, round, and fat. True
A formulized idea or set of principles that attempt to define and explain a phenomenon is called ______ a theory
The concept of _______ is the ability to make a choice among various alternatives. free will
The best known classical school proponent is ____ Cesare Beccaria
The attempt to maximize pleasure and minimize pain is called_____ hedonistic calculus
According to the classical school of thought, the challenge of the law and society is to _________ make the punishment fit the crime
Cesare Beccaria believed that punishment should be swift, certain, and severe
The positive school of criminology believed that ___________ behavior is beyond the individual's control.
The Positive School of Criminology was founded by __________ Cesare Lombroso
What is part of the classical school of criminology? free will, hedonistic calculus, emphasis of offense, and punishment
This type of deterrence seeks to discourage would-be delinquents from committing delinquent acts because of the threat of punishment. General Deterrence
T/F Conflict theorists are concerned with the role government plays in creating an environment that is conductive to crime. True
T/F Hirschi stated that there were four elements of the social bond: attachment, commitment, involvement, and belief. True
T/F According to Sutherland's differential association theory, delinquency is a learned behavior. True
T/F Cloward and Ohlin argued that not everyone has access to the illegitimate opportunity structure. True
T/F There are three types of social theories of delinquency: social structure theories, social process theories, and social reaction theories. False
What are 3 factors that influence delinquency? Family relationships, association with delinquent peers, and lack of opportunity
Shaw and McKay studied the juvenile court and police records of juvenile delinquents from which US city? Chicago, IL
____________ seek to explain delinquency based on where it occurs Social Structure Theories
___________ examine the role that societal institutions, including the juvenile justice system, play in perpetuating delinquent behaviors Social Reaction Theories
____________ focus on the relationship between socialization and delinquency Social Process Theories
_________ see delinquency as a result of a lack of opportunity Strain Theorists
______developed five modes of adaption Merton
__________ sought to explain why juvenile crime rates were so high in an area of the city characterized by urban decay Shaw and McKay
________ believed that the individuals belonging to the lower class hold different values, norms and beliefs than the members of the middle class Cohen
______ focused on serious delinquency committed by urban, male, gang members in the book Delinquency and Opportunity Cloward and Ohlin
_________ identified 6 focal concerns that describe 6 values of a lower-class subculture Miller
T/F In teen court, youths are often sentenced to write apology letters to their victims. True
T/F Deinstitutionalization is the releasing of convicted juveniles early from juvenile facilities so that they may be placed on parole. False
T/F The scared straight program was a highly successful juvenile prevention program that has been well duplicated throughout the country. False
T/F The government agency responsible for coordination and researching delinquency prevention programs is the FBI False
T/F The SHIELD program uses the contacts that police officers make in the course of their duties to identify youth who are at risk of becoming involved with violent behavior, gangs, substance abuse or other delinquent activities True
T/F Teen courts usually handle the more serious offenders charged with felonies. False
T/F Research has shown that immediately after school is a prime time for delinquents to commit crime. True
T/F The idea that first time juvenile offenders deserve a second chance is called diversion. True
The philosophy behind many delinquency prevention programs is______ teach juveniles the skills they need, educate juveniles so they will not recidivate, and provide programs to occupy a juvenile's time so that they will not commit crimes.
The government agency responsible for coordination and researching delinquency prevention programs is _________ Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP)
A range of programs designed to target children at risk of becoming delinquent based on the identification of early risk factors is called __________ Early Pre-delinquent Intervention and Prevention
When first time offenders are diverted away from formal processing and into a number of service programs it is called __________ Diversion
Some research findings indicate that most physical development in the brain occurs by the age________ 3
Two most prominent sources of interaction with juveniles are_______ in home and at school
The __________ program is a holistic program that attempts to build and enhance the juvenile's interactions with their families, peers, teachers and other members of the community The Families and Schools Together
The Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of America was formed _________ 1904
The Juvenile Mentoring Program (JUMP)was funded by Congress to address two critical concerns__________ and _________ poor school performance and dropping out of school
T/F In teen court, many parts of teen court are staffed by juveniles True
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