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ato 13-18M

Alpha to Omega 13-18 Misc.

σοφός, -ή, -όν wise
φιλόσοφος, -ον philosophical
δῆλος, -η, -ον clear, visible, evident
αληθής, -ές true, real, sincere
ευδαίμων, -ον happy, fortunate, prosperous
μόνος, -η, -ον alone, only
ολίγος, -η, -ον little, few
νῦν now, at this time
τότε (τότ’, τόθ’) then, at that time
ευ well, kindly
κακῶς badly, wickedly
μόνον only
γάρ for, for indeed
η or
η...η either...or
ου μόνον...αλλὰ καί not only...but also
εκεῖνος, -η, -ο that, those
ὁδε, ἡδε, τόδε this, these
οὑτος, αὑτη, τουτο this, these, that, those
εγώ, ημεῖς I, we
επί (επ’, εφ’) upon, on, at, by, to against
χάριν for the sake of, on account of
πρός from, by, at, near, to toward, against
περί about, concerning, around
πολύς, πολλή, πολύ much, many
πολύ or πολλά much
σύ, ὑμεῖς you, you all
αυτός, -ή, -ό he, she, it, they
Created by: alphatoomega