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Arab Heritage

chapter 9

knowledge of doctor is thought to convey authority
medicine is respected profession
nursing may be viewed as menial profession
practices of organ donation may vary among Arab Muslims and non-Muslims
family members assume care for ill person
disable members of society are often kept from public view.
special education is usually institutionally based
mental illness is treated with tonic and vitamins
Arab's expect pain to be relived immediately
beautiful women and babies are thought to be at risk for "the evil eye"
communication patterns characterized by repetition and gestures
communication patterns words may loud and expressive. May be viewed as aggressive
Arab communication is highly contextual
privacy and resist to disclose is valued with strangers
among friends feelings are expressed freely
personal relationships need to be developed before sharing of personal information
conversants stand close to each other and maintain eye contact and touch (only if same sex)
individuals are protected from bad news as long as possible
health care providers should portray hope.
Islamic teachings forbid unnecessary touching of unrelated adults that are not married. use of gloves may help
Pre-destination may be belief of Arab Americans. God has predetermined the events of one's life and thus health status.
etiquette requires hand shaking upon arrival (for same sex) and use of titles with name.
head of household man
role of woman child rearing. purpose of life is to bear children. If unable, divorce may occur or man is free to marry more wives.
children are dearly loved and indulged. expected to reflect positively on the family
disease incidence of TB, malaria, hepatitis increase in rural arab nations
sickle cell, thalasemia more common in this culture
CV disease present due to high incidence of smoking, high fat diet and obesity
drug metabolism may have more difficulty metabolizing opioids, anti-depressants, HTN meds
Ramadan muslim month of fasting from eating or drinking, abstinence of sex during daylight hours
food limitations may not consume animal blood. prefer meat slaughtered in HALAL method. Refrain from pork
prescriptive practices belief in "hot-cold" approach
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