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mindset or discrimination based on age Ageism
Facility that provides medical, nursing, and therapy services SKilled Care Facility
Amount of exercise time that has cardiovascular benefits 30 minutes
Baby Boomers were born between 1946-1964
Average Geriatric Temperature (fahrenheit) 96.8
a blood pressure drop of 20mmHg with position change orthostatic hypotension
An attempt to give logical sequence to observations theory
the space 12 feet away from a person public space
the space from 4feet to 18 inches away from a person personal space
the space 18 inches and closer to a person intimate space
alcohol abuse may be a result of sleep aid, isolation, depression, pain
An attempt to explain the human response to aging Psychosocial theory
The advance directive that requires 2 physician signatures to go into effect living will
The term that describes a health care professional as some that must respond to suspected abuse/neglect mandated reporter
Temporary care by a secondary caregiver to decrease stress on the primary caregiver respite care
Branch of medicare responsible for therapy costs Medicare B
Branch of Medicare responsible for in hospital stays medicare A
Branch of Medicare responsible for drug coverage Medicare D
Geriatric housing option without medical care, based on financial need government housing
Medical alert bracelet can inform first responders of what conditions? allergies, heart conditions/pacemakers, anticoagulant therapies
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