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Caesar freq. 9-14

pg. 7: mille-volo

mille, (pl.) milia thousand
mors, moris (F) death
multus, -a, -um much; (pl.) many
ne (conj.) so that not, not to...; (after clauses of fearing) that
ne quidem not
nihil (N) (indecl.) nothing, not anything; (w/ gen.) no
nox, noctis (F) night
nullus, -a, -um no
non nullus some
numerus, -i (M) number
ordo, ordinis (M) rank, position
periculum, -i (N) danger
persuadeo, -─ôre, persuasi, persuasum to persuade (w/ dative)
populus, -i (M) people, nation
primus, -a, -um first
proficiscor, -i, profectus sum to set out, depart
proximus, -a, -um nearest, next
publicus, -a, -um public, common
pugno, -are, -avi, -atum to fight
quam (adv.) as, than; (w/ superlative) as...as possible
post(ea) quam after
prius quam before
quis, quid who, what; (after si, nisi, num, ne)
recipio, -ere, recepi, receptum to receive
se recipere to go; to withdraw; to recover
Rhenus, Rheni (M) Rhine (river between Gaul and Germany)
salus, salutis (F) well-being, safety
sed (conj.) but
summus, -a, -um highest, greatest, most important
superior, superius upper, higher; previous; more effective
tamen (adv.) nevertheless, however, still
telum, -i (N) spear, javelin
tempus, temporis (N) time
tum (adv.) then, at that time
utor, uti, usus sum to use, to make use of (w/ abl.)
vallum, -i (N) palisade of stakes on top of an embankment (by far the more visually stimulating definition), rampart (if you'd like to shave 8 words down to 1)
venio, -ire, veni, ventum to come
virtus, virtutis (F) valor, courage; virtue
volo, velle, volui to wish, want
Created by: juliaweldon2