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6 Science Test 2


algae smallest of all green plants
saprophytes fungi that feed on DEAD matter
fern plant that has fronds and produces spores instead of seeds
yeast fungus that converts sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide
mosses green plants that have no true leaves, stems or roots
lichen fungus and alga that work together as one plant form
mushroom plant with a fruiting body
pinyon pine that grows in the hot, dry southwestern states
pines only conifers that have bundled needles
blue spruce with attractive frosty needles, which is often planted as an ornamental
perennial plant that lives and grows for many seasons
biennial plant that lives for two years
deciduous trees that lose their leaves in the fall
tree tall plant with a single woody stem
conifers trees that produce cones instead of flowers
spores single cells that some plants produce instead of seeds
annual rings tree age can be determined by counting these
California redwood tallest kind of tree
giant sequoia largest kind of tree
dendrologist scientist who studies trees
cambium layer where growth of tree takes place; it's directly under the bark
cedar attractive reddish wood with pleasant smelling oil
fungi plants that live without chlorophyll
rhizoids roots of ferns
broadleaf tree with broad, flat leaves; most have flowers and produce seeds
evergreen tree that keeps its leaves year round
fronds leaves of a palm tree or fern
kelp kind of brown alga; the largest type of alga
mycelium network of cells strung together in a thread like structure that makes up the main part of fungus
hyphae tiny, white, harilike structures of a mold
bristlecone cone oldest living thing
moss plant that does not have tubes for moving nutrients and water and does not have any true leaves, stems or roots
mildew fungus that can grow on wet clothes, shower stalls, and plants
mold fungus used to make penicillin and cheese
sugar maple source of maple syrup
Created by: Mrs_CC