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What are the features of a desert? Very dry and hot. Very little rain. Underground tunnels. Mesas
Where are some deserts located? Africa SW America
Name some animals or plants that are found in the desert. cactus, saguaro bobcats. lizards, sidewinder, tarantula
How are animals needs met in a desert? Water- thick leaved cactus lots of air and space food- scarce (hard to find) light-plenty light
What are the features of a salt water habitat? tidals, marshes, oceans and lakes. fish
Where are salt water habitats located? All over the world between continents Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Artic
Name some animals and plants found in salt water habitats. sharks, jellyfish, fish life, eel, stingray coral, seaweed and algae
Name some features of the Tundra Freezing temperatures snow covered most of the year tree less and flat
List some animals found in the tundra. arctic wolf, caribou and polar bear, snow fox and snow bear elkwood
Where is the tundra located? At the poles, north and south Canada, Russia, Iceland and Greenland
How are animals needs met in salt water environment? water- salt. Air- above the water. space- different plants provide shelter. food- krill, smaller animals, plant life. light- gets more light closer to the water surface.
How are animals needs met in the tundra? food- Hard to find. Space- plenty. Air- extremely cold. shelter- may dig underground. water- fresh lakes. light- have daylight and glaciers.
What are the features of grasslands? wide, flat, open grassy plaines. Stampedes occur.
What has happened to most of the grasslands? They have been turned into farmlands.
Where are grasslands located? Middle of America
Name some animals and plants found in grassland buffalo, bison, prairie dogs, mice, wolves, eagles. low laying grasses and wildflowers
How are animals needs met in grassland? food- grass for herbivores. water- creeks and rivers. shelter- underground. space- plenty. air- plenty. Light- during the day.
How do some animals physically adapt to their environment They camouflage themselves, blend in with their surroundings. They have antler or horns, teeth or fangs and heavy coats
What are some behavioral adaptations of animals? They swim away. They migrate or hibernate. They sting, hide or duck from predators
What are the features of a freshwater habitat? Streams, brooks, canals, lakes, ponds, wet land , marshes
Where are freshwater located? All over the world, including underground and mountain tops.
Name some plants and animals that live in fresh water habitats alligators, river otter, insects, birds. Lilies, vines and thick rooted plants
How are animals needs met in Freshwater habitats? Food- smaller animals and plants. Air- found above water level. Spaces- lots of space. Water- plentiful shelter- camouflages, plants, rocks. Light- enough light during daylight.
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