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Animal Adaptations

Where can an organism survive? Organisms can survive in an area where its basic needs can be met.
What are the basic needs of an organism? Air, food, water, shelter or space, and light
What is a habitat A range of conditions, for example, water, food, shelter or space, or sunlight, which allows some organisms to live.
What does living mean? Living means that something is growing and developing. .
Can basic needs within an habitat keep all plants and animals alive? No. it can only keep a certain number of them alive.
What affects the survival of a plant or animal? The changes in a habitat.
What happens if there are changes within a habitat? It would force the animals or plants to adapt to survive.
List some natural factors that will cause a habitat to change rapidly disease, fire, hurricanes, landslides, volcanoes, earthquakes, temperature change rainfall amount(drought or flood)
Natural factors that can cause a habitat to change slowly 1. changes in plant life due to changes in sunlight (grasses to shrubs to trees) 2. erosion- soil wears away and fewer plants will be able to survive.
Habitat changes can also be caused by human. Give some examples. Clearing land to build homes, building or farmlands. Animal would have to move to another area for food and shelter.
How can other animals or plants cause a habitat to change? They move into a habitat and take up space and food.
What is extinction? It is the loss of an entire group of organisms.
When will a plant or animal become extinct? If they cannot adapt to changes in the environment or habitat.
List some factors that will cause a habitat to change volcanoes, earthquakes, fire, drought, soil erosion, changes in plant life, humans clearing land for buildings, other animals moving in.
What do living things require to survive? They require energy to survive.
Name some animals that live in a tropical rain forest. Venomous snakes Woolly monkeys red stinking bugs rainbow lorikeets Thornbush Orchids Elephant ear
Where are tropical rain forests located? South America SE Asia West Africa Australia
List some features of a tropical rainforest Heavy rainfall all year round Hot 4 layers Moss tropical plants and trees
Why are there lots of trees and plants in a tropical rain forest? There is lots of rain and sunlight and the soil is very rich.
How are animals needs met in a tropical rainforest? Food- seeds fruit and fish Air- lots of oxygen Space- lots of trees Light- top layer has light Water- heavy rains and rivers
Some examples of animals that need large areas to live are: 1. Grazing animals need a large area for food. 2. Birds fly from tree to tree. 3. Large trees
Some examples of small habitats are: 1. a water lily in a pond. 2. a squirrel that makes its nest in a tree 3. small insects living under a fallen log.
Where are orchids found? Rain forests. In warm wet areas. small habitat
Do all living things go through a life cycle? Yes
All living things go through a life cycle. They require energy to survive. True of False True
What happens if there are too many predators in a habitat. The number of prey will decrease. Soon there wouldn't be enough prey. Predators will have to adapt or have to move to other areas.
Created by: Jothie