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gymnosperm a wood, vascular seed plant whose seeds are not enclosed by an ovary or fruit
angiosperm a flowering plant that produces seeds within a fruit
dermal tissue the outer covering of a plant
ground tissue the type of plant tissue other than vascular tissue that makes up much of the inside of a plant
vascular tissue the specialized conductive tissue that is found in higher plants that is made up of mostly xylem and phleom
xylem the type of tissue in vascular plants that provides support and conducts water and nutrients from the roots
phloem the type of tissue that conducts food (sugars, amino acids, nutrients) in vascular plants
cohesion-tension theory theory that explains how the physical properties of water allow it to move through the xylem of plants
transpiration the process by which plants release water vapor into the air through stomata
pressure-flow model model for predicting how sugars are transported from photosynthetic tissues to the rest of the plant
vascular cylinder center of a root or stem that contains the vascular tissue
primary growth the growth that occurs as a result of cell division at the tips of stems and roots and gives rise to primary plant tissue
secondary growth growth that results from cell division in the cambia, or lateral meristems, and that cause the stems and roots to thicken
blade the broad, flat portion of a typical leaf
petiole the stalk that attaches a leaf to the plant
mesophyll in leaves, the tissue between epidermal layers, where photosynthesis occurs
guard cell one pair of specialized cells that boarder a stoma and regulate gas exchange
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