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MIM's The Word

Marketing Information Management

Records of sales people's meeting or contact with customers are referred to as: Call reports.
What is the overall reason that marketing strategies are designed and implemented? Achieving planned goals.
Highway 1 Restaurant allows customers the opportunity to enter drawings in order to win a birthday cake. Customers register by providing their contact information on a card. What does entering the drawings represent? Tactic.
A local florist chooses to locate her new store in a mall instead of a small building across the street from the mall. This is an example of: Place.
Which element of the marketing mix includes advertising, personal selling, sales, promotion, and publicity? Promotion.
Manny has a new ideaq for a new cleanser that would decrease the time in cleaning tiled floors. He thinks this product would be better than any cleanser currently on the market. Which of the four P's should these investors consider first? Product.
A products marketing mix consists of: Product, price, promotion, place.
Which of the following is a rating scale that allows marketing researchers to determine respondents' feelings: Likert.
Which of the following is a characteristic of unstructured observation: Often records a variety of behaviors.
To obtain reliable, valid marketing-research data when conducting personal interviews, researchers must make sure that the interviewers are Open, friendly, and nonjudgemental.
How can using a database to track its customers' preferences and buying habits help a business? Builds strong, loyal customer relationships.
How can businesses use computerized databases to sort and organize information about customers' purchases brand preferences, and dollars amounts spent? To customize its marketing efforts.
Your company has asked you to make recommendations for new hardware and software to replace the existing marketing-information system. What should you recommend? Software that decision makers can use with minimum training.
What is an example of marketing information that a business could gather by surveying its customers? Location of the company's market.
XYZ Company noticed that the sales of iPads in blue have increased in sales. What can the business determine about the iPads? They're popular products.
What type of marketing data can a business obtain by reviewing its inventory reports and customers' invoices? Customers' product preferences.
What is one way that many businesses use the marketing information contained in sales reports? To improve the effectiveness of salespeople.
What type of internal report would indicate to a business that sales for a specific product have dramatically dropped over the past three months? Quarterly inventory status.
What does a business need in order to understand why a product that has been a strong seller for a long time is now losing popularity? Marketing information.
WHat type of source would give information about last quarter's sales: Sales report.
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